Welcome to Machining Creations, where “In the begining”, we can create a wire frame or three dimentional solid drawing of your idea, concept, or product that you have in mind.  Utilizing our in-house Computer Aided Design (Cad-Cam) program, your concept can be manufactured or prototyped to your specifications, using various materials, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, as well as non metals (Nylon, Plastic, wood, etc.).  We’ll bring your concept to life with our precision CNC machining and integrated CAD/CAM system.  Visit our products page and gallery to see our work and designs.

We’ve got the right tools for the right job

CNC Mill

Verticle CNC Milling station capable of small to medium sized parts and light production runs.

Metal Lathe

Logan metal lathe, with a 11.5″ swing, for turning round parts, cutting threads and tapers.


Mig & Acytelene welding for manufacturing & building products using structural steel (Angle Iron, Channel, Square Tubing, Round and Square Steel Bar, Tubing, etc. )


Our scanner can create a geometrically precise 2D wire frame of an existing part, maintaining its exact measurements and specifications, which can be extruded into a 3D model.

File Import

Our Fusion 360 Cad-Cam program is able to import, edit, and execute a variety of file formats from other sources. Click here to see all compatible file formats.

Import Images

Our Fusion 360 program allows us to create or import images and embossed models to program and mill.

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